MDC National Executive meets

Hon MwonzoraThe National Executive Committee of the MDC met today to review the provincial congresses as well as the just ended nomination processes and was happy that the process had proceeded peacefully.

The Executive also heard the report of the independent panel that oversaw the process. This independent panel concluded that our Congress to a very large extent passed the litmus test of being a truly credible process of  a democratic party. They also advised that there was room for improvement to make the processes less cumbersome.

The Executive considered some appeals from the provinces arising out of the provincial congresses and the nomination process for national standing committee positions.

On the appeals, the executive resolved the following:
1. Mashonaland Central: The appeal by the outgoing chairperson was dismissed on the grounds that it had no merit.

2. Mashonaland East: The executive resolved that the appeal by the outgoing organizer had merit. The executive acknowledged the error in not upholding his confirmation and resolved to accommodate both the elected organizer and the complainant.

3. Mashonaland West: The appeal was dismissed on the grounds of lacking merit.

4. Manicaland: The Executive recognized the legitimacy of the processes but also acknowledged that there was much work to rectify the district congress and unite the party structures.

5. Bulawayo: The National Executive dismissed Mr Matson Hlalo’s appeal to the national executive and resolved to suspend him for a pending disciplinary case. We resolved to comply with the court order and to appoint an acting chairperson while dealing with other internal issues of the party.

The Executive was satisfied with our Congress process so far. The party is satisfied that the party so far is living true to its democratic values. All indications are that we will have an exciting Congress, which we will be holding under the theme: "Towards national convergence; Transforming our popularity into power."

The Executive also resolved that those nominated on more than one position should be given a week to consider on which position they wish to stand.

Our Congress is going to have more business to transact than simply elections. Our Congress will also adopt a roadmap to the next election and debate various other proposals on constitutional review, policy review and institutional review.

So far, we are confident that we will transact all the important business in the in the interest of the people of Zimbabwe who since the last election have endured lack of political leadership as the party is concentrating more on internal fights than the challenges facing the people.

Illegal demolitions a violation of human rights

Illegal demolitions a violation of human rightsThe MDC condemns the on-going demolition of people's homes and other property in Chitungwiza in blatant violation of the Constitution.

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the dormitory town by the Zanu PF government, leaving thousands of people homeless when the Constitution clearly identifies shelter as a basic human right.The current destruction of people's homes is a direct repetition of the infamous Murambatsvina of 2005 in which the Zanu PF government destroyed hundreds of thousands of people's homes and left millions homeless. This was meant, among other things to decimate the MDC.

A true people's government protects people's rights and does not violate the same rights it is supposed to protect in line with the country's Constitution. The new Constitution is very explicit that homes and property cannot be demolished in the absence of a court order.

Consistent with its culture of impunity, the Zanu PF government has proceeded to destroy people's homes in the absence of an order of the court in blatant violation of the country's Constitution.

We wish to place it on record that the MDC council running Chitungwiza has nothing to do with the current unconstitutional act that will leave thousands homeless and that is a gross violation of human rights. It is the Zanu PF government that has taken it upon itself to violate the Constitution and to leave innocent citizens homeless.
Zimbabweans cannot have faith in a government that violates the Constitution and has no regard to the importance of shelter in human lives. We in the MDC believes in the supremacy of the Constitution and the sanctity of its verses and chapters particularly when it comes to issues like shelter which is a basic human right.

Press statement: MDC National Council Resolutions, Harvest House, Harare

MDC National Spokesman - Douglas MwonzoraThe MDC national council met today to deliberate on preparations  of the upcoming party Congress to be held at the end of October 2014.

Today's meeting of the National Council follows the meeting of the National Executive, which met for 11 and half hours until midnight yesterday. The executive met and debated on the reports of two Committees, one on Institutional Reform and the other on Constitutional Reforms.  These committees were set up to seek members views on how the party can further refine its Constitution and enhance institutional transformation in line with our values as a democratic party.

Basing on the reports of these committees the National Executive made far reaching recommendations that were further debated by the National Council today.

Among the key resolutions made  after protracted debate in line with our democratic tradition are:

(a)  the 14 Standing Committee members, including the President, will be directly elected by the people at Congress.

(b)   the Standing Committee has been expanded to include  the position of the deputy secretary for Information and Publicity.

(c)  the secretary for elections, once the selection criteria is finalised, will also sit in the Standing Committee.

(d)  The party will respect gender parity in line with its Constitution and will strive to ensure equal gender representation in the organs of the party.

Our Congress preparations are going on very well and Provincial Congresses begin tomorrow with Harare province, which province will further make its own nominations for office bearers of the Standing Committee and other members of the national executive. We are gearing for our Congress where the key business will be more than just elections, even though elections are important because we are a democratic party.

The National Council also observed a minute of silence in honour and remembrance of Mr Ndanga, the provincial secretary for Mashonaland West province who perished in the disaster when a guest house collapsed at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations led by prophet TB Joshua. The party also honoured and remembered two other members who perished in an accident on their way from the party's anniversary celebrations in Masvingo last week.

President Morgan Tsvangirai's condolence message on the death of renowned economist Eric Bloch

Movement For Democratic ChangeI wish to convey my condolences to the nation and the Bloch family following the death of renowned economist, Eric Bloch.

Bloch was a conscientious fellow and a renowned economist whose analyses reflected a deep and passionate love for his country. He was always concerned with the issue of how our country's economy could improve. He was always passionate about  the measures, both political and economic, that we should take as a nation to enable Zimbabweans to pursue a life of happiness and stability.

We in the MDC wish to assure the Bloch family that we are with them in their time of grief and mourning. Bloch was a true and honest  embodiment of a life of service and sacrifice, which at one time saw him serve at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as an advisor at a time this country required services that only a few like him could offer.

On behalf of the MDC and on my own behalf, I wish to state that the country is the biggest loser through his death and may the dear soul of this respected Zimbabwean rest in eternal peace.

Morgan Tsvangirai
MDC President

President Morgan Tsvangirai's condolence message on the death of Fletcher Dulini Ncube, a colleague in the struggle

President TsvangiraiI was greatly disheartened when I learnt of the death of Fletcher Dulini Ncube, a colleague in this struggle for democracy and one-time Treasurer-General of the MDC.

Despite our differences in a struggle, we must continue to cherish the contributions made by individuals in our quest to bring democracy and positive change in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe. Even if we disagree, we must remember and respect each other's unique contributions. We will not forget the suffering he endured when was tortured and needlessly arrested for  a crime he did not commit.

We do recognize his role in the liberation struggle. He was among the heroes of our democratic struggle who suffered at the hands of Zanu PF in its vain attempt to derail the struggle for change in this country.

Rest in eternal peace, dear colleague . We shall cherish the moments we shared with you in the people's struggle.

My sincere condolences to his family and all colleagues in the fight for democracy and true freedom. Our struggle is  poorer without him.

Fare thee well, Fletcher Dulini Ncube.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Movement for Democratic Change