MDC on Indigenisation

Movememt For Democratic Change

In 2007, the Movement for Democratic Change opposed the introduction of a Bill to allow for an economic programme termed “indigenisation”. The MDC viewed this draft legislation as being hostile to new investment and untenable in regard to existing investment. It was argued that it would become a cover for corruption and would enrich a small minority to the detriment of the majority. Despite our objections the Bill was adopted by the House of Assembly after the MDC Members had walked out.

The Party has not changed its position on the matter or its views on the nature and impact of the programme. It was therefore a shock, when the Minister responsible for the Act, Hon. Savior Kasukuwere promulgated new Regulations in 2011, enforcing the implementation of the Act. These Regulations were not approved by the Cabinet, even though the country was being governed by a Government of National Unity and were simply imposed.

Following the adoption of a new Constitution in March 2013, an added complication arose in that the Constitution now forbids discrimination of any sort against Citizens.

Despite this the new Minister responsible for the administration of the Act has been outspoken in recent months, calling for the full implementation of the Act and all associated subsidiary legislation and proposing the implementation of a levy on gross trading turnover on all firms to fund the compulsory acquisition of a majority of the shares in all designated firms. The principal target of these radical measures has been firms operating in Zimbabwe which are majority foreign owned.

The immediate effect of these statements and threats has been to halt all new investment by all targeted firms, whether locally or foreign owned. In addition firms have suspended essential maintenance and development activities to conserve resources and in some cases this has resulted in far reaching decisions that might even effect the continuation of company activities.

In present circumstances where the whole economy is in dire straits and the majority of companies are fighting for their survival, the impact of any new indigenisation activity or even threats, are simply counterproductive in every sense of the word. It is time that the Government faced reality and abandoned this futile exercise which is doing nothing to take the country forward.

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MDC condemns arrest of Gweru Mayor

Movement For Democratic Change

The MDC condemns in the strongest terms the arrest of Councilor Hamutendi Kombai, the Mayor of the City of Gweru. The arrest which comes barely a week after the High court ruling to reinstate him and the entire council back to their offices is clearly deplorable and downright irrational. This action typifies the perennial harassment of MDC elected officials by the faction-ridden of Zanu PF regime.

The wanton and blatant disregard of the rule of law to reinstate Mayor Kombayi as determined by the High Court is not only a sad indictment on the justice delivery system in Zimbabwe but it is also tantamount to a total disregard of the Constitution. It is clear that this is yet another attempt by the faction-ridden Zanu PF regime to divert attention from the pressing issues bedeviling this country.

That this arrest also comes after Mugabe’s botched jaunt to India raises more eyebrows and betrays the Zanu PF regime’s tired and archaic tactics of hoodwinking the generality of Zimbabweans from the bread and butter issues that the crumbling regime has clearly failed to deliver to the people.

Any such attempts by the crumbling Zanu PF regime to prop up its waning fortunes will not only fail dismally but shall be resisted fiercely by the people of Zimbabwe. The yesteryear party’s stubborn reality of being fronted by a totally incapacitated 92 year old President will not be wished away by creating fictitious court cases against innocent citizens.

Mugabe’s dream to remain in power for life is certainly turning into a terrible nightmare as he finds himself trapped between the frustration of failing to bring order into his chaotic party and the reality of a crushing defeat in 2018. It does not need a rocket scientist to notice how lately Mugabe has come across as an incoherent, disoriented, rambling and tired old man who wants to remain President for life without any compelling national reason.

While Mugabe’s irrational desire to remain in office for life by hook or by crook is unfortunate, it is utterly shocking to see that there are some people within his collapsing party, like Saviour Kasukuwere, who are desperate to force his re-election bid through foul means come 2018, including using harassment of citizens and wanton disregard of the rule of law.

The people of Zimbabwe will not accept to be abused and trashed by the insensitive and insipidly corrupt Zanu PF regime. The day of reckoning is nigh. MDC: Equal opportunities for all

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