MDC condemns the "Million men" march that never was

MDC National Spokesperson

The so-called million men march that was staged by the faction-ridden and crumbling Zanu PF regime on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 was a spectacular flop. A few thousand people, most of whom had been commandeered to travel to Harare to attend the puerile and utterly purposeless march, turned up for this non-event. In fact, the rented, whose main agenda was to massage the ego of a nonagenarian who has run down the former jewel of Africa. What a big yawn, the march was!

The MDC has always stated that Robert Mugabe can afford to rig the economy but he can never successfully rig the economy. In fact, the Zanu PF regime forced public schools and other institutions to provide transport for their thoroughly undeserved march.

The following statistics from Mashonaland West province provide an insight into how the fascist Zanu PF regime commandeered schools to provide transport for their uncalled and undeserved march :

Chegutu District :
  • Dudley Hall Primary School - one 63 seater bus
  • Musengezi High School - one 66 seater bus
  • Martindale High School - one 63 seater bus
  • St.Erick Primary School - one 48 seater bus
  • Bryden Primary School - one 30 seater bus
  • Presbyterian School - one 76 seater bus
  • Sandringham High School - one 76 seater bus
  • Vimbai High School - one 66 seater bus
  • Moleli High School - one 76 seater bus
Makonde District :
  • Sinoia Primary School - one 66 seater bus
  • Nemakonde High School - one 76 seater bus
  • Manyame Primary School - one 66 seater bus
  • Hope Tariro Primary School - one 66 seater bus
  • Chinhoyi High School - one 42 seater bus
  • Lomagundi College - one 76 seater bus
Kariba District :
  • Nyamhunga High School - one 63 seater bus
  • Nyamhunga Primary School - one 30 seater bus
Hurungwe District :
  • Karoi Junior School - one 65 seater bus
  • Chikangwe Primary School - one 30 seater bus
  • Magunje Barracks High School - one 65 seater bus
  • Karoi High School - one 30 seater bus
  • Chikangwe High School - one 30 seater bus
Sanyati District :
  • Jameson High School - one 64 seater bus
  • Rimuka 1 High School - one 28 seater bus
  • Rimuka 2 High School - one 75 seater bus
  • Chiguvare School - one 28 seater bus
  • Rubatsiro School - one 28 seater bus
  • Sir John Kennedy School - one 28 seater bus
  • Sanyati Baptist High School - one 75 seater bus
Mhondoro Ngezi District :
  • Ngezi High School - one 76 seater bus
    Zvimba District :
    • Banket Primary School - one 63 seater bus
    • Darwendale Primary School - one 69 seater bus
    • Inkomo High School - one 65 seater bus
    • Sodbury Secondary School - one 63 seater bus
    • Cornway College - one 63 seater bus
    • Mutorashanga High School - one 37 seater bus
    • Kutama High School - one 65 seater bus

    When the MDC staged the "mother of all demonstrations" in Harare on April 14, 2016 no less than 20 000 people voluntarily took part in the historic march. No single school or public institution was commandeered to provide transport to ferry our supporters to the march. Put simply, the MDC never coerced and/or extorted money and any other material resources from anyone.

    Zanu PF operates like a bandit commandist organization. For example, all vendors operating from Mbare Musika in Harare were forced and commandeered to participate in the spurious and fascist march that took place in Harare on May 25,2016.The long- suffering people of Zimbabwe should resolutely refuse to pay homage to a brutal and totalitarian political system that has pauperised and traumatized them over the past 36 years. We say a very big NO to the Zanu PF dictatorship! We should stand up for our rights and refuse to be intimidated and threatened by an illegitimate and corrupt regime that is in the sunset of its life.

    Zimbabwe has now reached a defining moment. Never again should we allow the brutal, extortionist and corrupt Zanu PF dictatorship to hold the people of Zimbabwe at ransom. Enough is enough! The people of Zimbabwe should appreciate the fact that the Zanu PF regime is now living on borrowed time. No matter how much repression and suppression is brought upon the toiling masses of Zimbabwe by the crumbling Zanu PF regime, the MDC urges the people to democratically and fearlessly fight for the establishment of an equal and egalitarian society in which the rights of all citizens are upheld and respected.

    President Robert Mugabe, as expected, gave a thoroughly banal speech at the so-called million men march. The old man has nothing new that he can offer the people of Zimbabwe. He has superintended the total collapse of a country that used to be an economic giant in Africa. The address by Grace Mugabe was coarse and provocative. How can she contemptuously announce to the world that Robert Mugabe will rule from the grave? This woman should be taught a little bit of decency. She shouldn't be allowed to continue insulting the people of Zimbabwe. The time has come for all patriotic and peace-loving Zimbabweans to join hands and ensure that the Zanu PF illegitimate regime is lawfully and constitutionally removed from power. No other option will do.

    MDC : Equal Opportunities for All
    Obert Chaurura Gutu
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    President Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement to the people of Zimbabwe

    President Tsvangirai

    Fellow Zimbabweans, I write to express my heartfelt thanks to you all for the overwhelming support you continue to give me in my temporary period of indisposition.

    The personal messages and the support you are giving me and my family is humbling. I want to thank you all for that awesome support to the party and the family, including my loving wife who is by my side as I return to full recovery.

    I am equally aware, however, of the morbid wishes of some of my fellow countrymen. But I want to assure them that Morgan Tsvangirai will soon be back to be the usual pain to those at the helm of mis-governance; those who oppress the people and who are turning a blind eye to all this sickening poverty around us. I remain fully aware of and concerned with what we are all going through collectively as a people and as a country.

    I am told that they have closed the country down today. All the suffering and struggling vendors have been asked to close shop and join a march to prop up the ego of Robert Mugabe. It is lost on them that it is the country--and not the people--that must be on a brave march to stability and progress.

    To friends and foe alike, I want to assure you that I am recovering. I assure you that I must not be the cause of any national uncertainty. The irony is that yes, I may be indisposed, but I am more worried about my country and its economy that seem to be in a far much worse state than my personal state of health. It is the country that we all love that needs urgent healing. It is our country that must be the biggest worry for all of us, not only for our personal sakes but for the sake of the legacy we must leave behind for future generations.

    Rest assured, I am on the path to full recovery and I will be joining you soon to continue with the struggle for freedom, peace, democracy and national prosperity.

    I wish you all a happy Africa Day. Add a comment



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