MDC policy on persons with disabilities

Zanu PF and Corruption are inseperable siamese twins

It is extremely sad and regrettable that while persons with disabilities constitute about fifteen percent of Zimbabwe’s population, for the past thirty-seven years, they have continued to be treated as objects of charity and welfare cases rather than equal citizens with equal rights just like any other citizen.

The MDC led by President Morgan Tsvangirai boldly affirms that the perpetuation of such a state of affairs is a travesty of justice and a mockery to democracy. We deplore the unco-ordinated manner in which the Zanu PF regime deals with disability and we find it extremely unacceptable that persons with disabilities continue to be missing in most of our decision making bodies in the country and are shut out of meaningful business ventures and policies continue to be crafted without due regard to them, their interests and needs. In fact, the country does not have any national disability policy.

The MDC is convinced that there is need to correct this democratic deficit and anomaly by ensuring that persons with disabilities are represented at all levels of government structures. We believe that at the executive level, there must be a ministry dealing with issues of disability. This ministry will not be there to isolate disability and compartmentalise it but rather to work with other ministries and ensure that disability is mainstreamed in all governmental programs.

The MDC understands that our decision making processes will not only be inadequate but poorer without the input of persons with disabilities and such input can only be from them. We would like to build a people’s government which ensures equality for persons with disabilities in all spheres while providing social protection measures to our citizens with disabilities who have been forced into poverty through years of mismanagement and bad governance by the Zanu PF regime.

The MDC believes in an inclusive democracy based on the understanding that persons with disabilities are part and parcel of the broader community and have a lot to contribute to our democracy.

MDC: Equal Opportunities for All
Obert Chaurura Gutu
MDC National Spokesperson

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MDC Extra-ordinary National Executive meeting takes resolutions on internal party disturbances in Bulawayo

MDC National Executive meeting

President Morgan Tsvangirai today presided over an extraordinary national executive meeting to deliberate on the violence that took place in Bulawayo early this month.

The executive received a report from the probe team that investigated the disturbances and deliberated on the committee’s findings. After three hours of intense deliberations, the executive made the following resolutions:

  1. That suspended Deputy National Spokesperson Hon. Thabitha Khumalo be reinstated to her position following her exoneration from any involvement on the matter by the internal probe team. She has been reinstated to her position with immediate effect.

  2. That Deputy Treasurer-General Mr. Charlton Hwende remain suspended following the findings of the probe team that he made inflammatory statements before the disturbances. His matter has been referred to the national council for disciplinary action against him to commence in line with the party Constitution.

  3. That the National Organising Secretary Abednigo Bhebhe be suspended forthwith following the probe team’s findings that he made statements to the press that put the party into disrepute. His matter has also been duly referred to the national council for disciplinary action to commence in line with the party Constitution.

  4. That all the youths who were involved, including deputy national youth Chairperson Shakespeare Mukoyi remain suspended. Their matter has been referred to the disciplinary Committee in line with the party Constitution.

The executive restated the party’s aversion to violence and resolved that the party will continue to take stern and decisive action on anyone implicated in violence.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Presidential Spokesperson and Director of Communications
Movement for Democratic Change

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