Zanu PF and corruption are like inseperable siamese twins

Zanu PF and Corruption are inseperable siamese twins

The MDC is thoroughly unimpressed with the indifference exhibited by President Robert Mugabe when issues of corruption in his government are exposed. Everyone is getting concerned with the level of inertia that Mugabe continues to show ; particularly when cases of corruption by top government officials are exposed.

The past 36 years under Zanu PF rule shall go down in the history of Zimbabwe as a bunch of wasted decades as a few well-connected individuals became fabulously rich by draining the economy whilst the majority of the people were pauperised and reduced to vendors and beggars in their own country of birth.

Since the Sandura Commission that exposed the Willovale motor vehicles scandal in the 1980s, no other effective remedial action to expose and combat corruption within the public and private sectors has ever been instituted by the Zanu PF regime. Over the past decades, corruption has become part and parcel of the Zanu PF regime's DNA. Zanu PF and corruption have become like inseparable Siamese twins.

The so-called indigenisation policy actually took the ''art'' of corruption to the next level. Senior government officials that passionately and incessantly drove the indigenisation mantra actually became so hopelessly corrupt. They flagrantly abused the power and authority that was entrusted upon them by openly soliciting for bribes and demanding huge kickbacks from company owners and other affected business executives. They became so wealthy that one of them built a 50 bedroom mansion that he hoped to convert into a hotel in case things went the other way. No one spoke a word as it was business as usual within the Zanu PF regime.

In 2014, elephants were poisoned by cyanide. No one from the top government offices ever bothered to check how cyanide was imported. Obviously it was a heavy duty ring. Elephants died in their hundreds. Money changed hands. A few villagers were sacrificed to serve lengthy terms in prison as the real culprits( government ministers) reaped huge profits and walked away scot free.

When one Ignatious Chombo became the Minister of Local Government, he acquired several immovable properties nationwide through blatant and corrupt of office. Little wonder, therefore, that Chombo is now one of the wealthiest Cabinet Ministers in the Zanu PF regime. No one uttered a word. And to date, Chombo is still a free man!

One Cuthbert Dube literally brought down the PSMAS by, amongst other corrupt shenanigans, paying himself a staggering and obscene salary in the sum of $500 000 per month for literally doing nothing. No punitive government action was taken against him except giving him a golden handshake!

Then followed the $15 billion dollars diamonds scandal. President Mugabe casually mentioned the issue and thundered from the podium that such corruption was amazing. The issue was to be investigated; a polite tactic to keep the public anger under control.

Minister Samuel Undenge entered the scene and blindly awarded a $500 million tender to one Wicknell Chivayo, a secondary school dropout from Cranborne Boys' High in Harare who was also an ex convict. The controversial man would splash resources and do nothing on the project. To cover his tracks, he would spoil Grace Mugabe and her children with restaurant meals and designer clothes. He would also do a publicity stunt by rescuing hunger fleeing ladies from Zimbabwe now in Kuwait in search of jobs and livelihood (thanks to the Zanu PF regime's ineptitude). Nothing happened to Samuel Undenge and he still walks free because he is one of the Zanu PF regime's wheeler dealers!

The maddening story goes on and on. Now Zimbabwe is on its knees. The country is now a fully-fledged banana republic as the nation awaits the introduction of bond notes (effectively Zimbabwe dollars by another name) within the next few months. This is the tragic story of Zimbabwe after 36 years of Zanu PF's ruinous and disastrous rule.

MDC: Equal Opportunities for All
Obert Chaurura Gutu
MDC National Spokesperson
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Globe-trotting Mugabe, a selfish President

Robert Mugabe

After the so called million man march in Harare where crowds were rented and school heads suffered extortion to surrender school buses by force, President Mugabe is at it again. His foreign trips never cease and it seems like he gets sick if he spends a single month in Harare.

So far this year his trips have gobbled a whopping $80 million and there is not a single achievement made through his insatiable appetite for air travel. This is the President who likes to please the world and enjoys trying to fix global issues yet he can't fix the economy under his chin.

The MDC thunderously condemns Mugabe's purposeless and costly trip to Papua New Guinea because it shows Mugabe's cavalier approach to the issues affecting Zimbabwe. People have spoken but he remains mute, deaf and blind. His obstinacy is amazing. Even trips that require a secretary of a ministry, Mugabe takes over. To date he lives as the most travelled African leader who brought home more hunger, poverty and suffering.

This is the same man who delivered tired speeches on the so called million man march as he had nothing to prove to reciprocate the blasphemous accolades he received from Zanu PF apologists benefitting from the insipid corruption that has become the hallmark of the decadent and insensitive regime.

After the senseless heaped praises on Mugabe as the only President with a sense of purpose in Africa, people are back into rearing zvihuta. And he still travels and enjoys himself and family as the nation suffers.

Once a President shows no concern for the plight of the ordinary people, what is the point in trusting him to lead? Imagine a President who uses Singapore hospitals because he cannot revamp those in Zimbabwe?

As a party, the MDC strongly condemn the senseless trips by this leader of a dying country because they are costly and will not help the ailing economy. As if that is not already a problem, Mugabe travels with no less than 100 delegates who blow big bucks on shopping and board.

MDC: Equal Opportunities for All
Obert Chaurura Gutu
MDC National Spokesperson
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