The Congress

The Congress is the supreme organ of the Party and is composed of all members of the National Council, National Executive of Women, National Executive of Youth, Provincial Executive Committees, the Chairperson, Secretary, Organising Secretary and Treasurer from each District Executive Committee and Provincial and District levels of the National Assemblies of Women and Youth and external assemblies, the Chairperson of each Ward Executive Committee and all the party’s elected members of the house of Assembly, Mayors and chairpersons of local Authorities.

The congress meets once every five years, provided that an Extra-Ordinary Congress can be convened, at any time, in accordance with the provisions of the Party’s Constitution.

The functions and Powers of Congress are:
  • Formulation and supervising the implementation of policies, principles and programmes of the Party;
  • Approving audited financial statements of the Party and appointing or reappointing auditors;
  • Repealing or amend the Constitution;
  • The Congress can dissolve the party in terms of the Constitution.
  • Reviewing, ratifying, modifying, altering or rescinding any decision taken by any organ or official of the party.
  • Condoning any reasonable non-compliance with the time limits provided for in this Constitution in accordance with the constitution.

The District Executive Committee (DEC)

District Executive Committee and District Assembly’s composition: see constitution clause 5.6- The District Executive Committee is elected at a District Assembly meeting held once every five years least two months prior to each Provincial Assembly meeting.

The National Council

The National Council is the Party's main policy implementing organ and shall have the authority to lead the organization and execute the aims and objectives of the Party.

The Powers of the National Council include:
  • Issuing and sending directives and instructions to and receive reports from the National Executive.
  • Supervising and directing the work of the party and all its organs and overseeing the work of the National Assemblies of Women and Youth.
  • Is the custodian of all national and international property and assets of the party and receive reports,
  • Issues policy directives and produce any Party documents and may confer such honors, as it may deem appropriate.
  • Where necessary can suspend or dissolve any organ and conduct elections and may rectify or reverse any decisions of the National Executive.
  • Elect, reappoint and reassign Party Secretaries in accordance with the party’s constitution and monitors and evaluates the performances and execution of duties of all members of the National Executive

The National Executive

The National Executive Committee of the National Council exercises all the functions of the National Council in between meetings.

Powers Of The National Executive
  • Administrating and implementing authority of the party and
  • Implementing the decisions, recommend party policies and programmes and resolutions of the National Council.
  • Formulating and implementing the current programmes of the party and ensure that provinces, districts, wards and branches and all other party structures such as parliamentary and local government caucuses carry out the decisions of the party.
  • Ensuring that the democratic and effective functioning of provincial, district, ward and branch structures.
  • Receive reports, supervise the work of, and delegate such functions to the Provincial Committees, as it considers necessary and engage and dismiss Secretariat staff where necessary
  • President – Morgan Tsvangirai
  • Vice President – Thokozani Khupe
  • Vice President – Nelson Chamisa
  • Vice President – Elias Mudzuri
  • National Chairman – Lovemore Moyo
  • Vice Chairman – Morgen Komichi
  • Secretary General – Douglas Mwonzora
  • Deputy Secretary General – Paurina Mpariwa
  • Treasurer General – Theresa Makone
  • Deputy Treasurer General – Charlton Hwende
  • National Organizing Secretary – Abedinico Bhebhe
  • Information and Publicity Secretary – Obert Gutu
  • Deputy Information and Publicity Secretary – Thabitha Khumalo
  • Assembly of Women Chairperson – Lynette Karenyi
  • Youth Assembly Chairperson – Happymore Chidziva
  • Secretary for Elections – Murisi Zwizwai
  • Sessel Zvidzai
  • Margaret Matienga
  • Mildred Chitembwe
  • Shakespear Mkoyi
  • Lovemore Chinoputsa
  • Morgan Ncube
  • Nelson Chamisa
  • Eddie Cross
  • Jameson Timba
  • Dennis Mudzingwa
  • Henry Madzorera
  • Fidelis Mhashu
  • Takanai Mureyi
  • Elias Mudzuri
  • Bheki Sibanda
  • Lillian Timveous
  • Valentine Ziswa
  • Webber Chinyadza
  • Jessie Majome
  • Khalipani Phugeni
  • Amos Chibaya
  • Emma Muzondiwa
  • Editor Matamisa
  • Morgan Femai
  • Revai Muguti
  • James Makore
  • Victor Mapungwana
  • Agnes Mloyi
  • Siphiwe Ncube
  • Gilbert Kagodora
    • Gift Chimanikire
    • Tapfumanei Muzoda
    • Tracy Mutinhiri
    • John Houghton
    • Misheck Marava
    • Mugidho
    • Aggripa Sithole
    • Sipho Dube
    • Moreblessing Tembo
    • Fanny Chirisa
    • Job Sikhala
    • Clifford Hlatywayo
    • Sibusisiwe Masara
    • Memory Mbondiah
    • Tawanda Kureva
    • Brian Dube
    • Blessing Chebundo
    • Heneri Dzinotyiwei
    • Spiwe Banda
    • Memory Munochinzwa
    • Ruth Labode

    The National Standing Committee

    The National Standing Committee of the National Executive is chaired by the Party President, and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Party and reports to the National Executive.

    The National Standing Committee and consists of the President and the Deputy President, the National Chairperson and the National Vice Chairperson, the Secretary General, the Treasurer General, Deputy Treasurer, the National Organizing Secretary, the Secretary for Information and Publicity,Deputy Secretary for Information, Secretary for Elections,the Deputy National Organizing Secretary, the Deputy Secretary General and the Chairpersons of the Women and Youth Assembly.

    Members of the standing committee
    Morgan Tsvangirai President
    Thokozani Khupe Vice President
    Nelson Chamisa Vice President
    Elias Mudzuri Vice President
    Lovemore Moyo National Chairman
    Morgan Komichi Deputy National Chairperson
    Douglas Mwonzora Secretary General
    Paurina Mpariwa Deputy Secretary General
    Theresa Makone Treasurer General
    Charlton Hwende Deputy Treasurer General
    Murisi Zwizwai Secretary For Elections
    Abedinico Bhebhe Organizing Secretary
    Amos Chibaya Deputy Organizing Secretary
    Obert Gutu Secretary for Information & Publicity
    Tabitha Khumalo Deputy Secretary for Information & Publicity
    Lynette Karenyi Women Assembly Chairperson
    Happymore Chidziva Youth Assembly Chairperson

    The Province Executive Committee (PEC)

    The Provincial Executive Committee and Provincial Assembly composition:
    The Provincial Executive Committee is elected at a Provincial Assembly meeting held once every five years at least two months prior to each Congress where At least a third of the Provincial Executive Committee shall be Women.

    The main functions of the Provincial Executive Committee are:
    • Building the party in the Province and to organize elections of District Executive Committees and where necessary to organize Ward and Branch Meetings.
    • The PEC supervise the work of Districts in the Province concerned and to ensure that Districts are functioning democratically effectively and complying with this Constitution.
    • The PEC implements policies and principles of the Party in the Province and carry out all functions and duties as accepted by the National Council.
    • Maintaining a Registrar of Party Members in the Province and to select, choose or nominate candidates for National Elections for acceptance or rejection by the National Council.
    • Maintaining bank accounts and books of accounts and keep an asset register of all party assets in the Province

    The Ward

    Ward Executive Committee’s and Ward Assembly composition: See constitution clause 5.8.2 The Ward Executive Committee is elected at a Ward Assembly Meeting held once every five years that takes place at least two months prior to each District Assembly Meeting.



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